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Customer sign-up requirements:

  1. Review the Permissible Purpose section for credit reporting usage.
  2. Read, fill out and sign the Membership Agreement.
  3. Complete the Membership Application Checklist contained in the Membership Agreement document.

      a. This document must be completed in full, including credit references. (Publicly-traded companies: see the Corporate Accounts page.)

  1. Make a copy of ONE of the following to help us determine our ability to provide you credit reports:
    1. Your mortgage broker license
    2. Mortgage business license
    3. Articles of Incorporation and Certification
    4. Federal or state tax records for your company
    5. Occupational business license or assumed name certificate
    6. Note: A publicly traded company may provide the stock exchange ticker symbol. In this case, the company will not need to provide business references or a voided business check.
  2. Make a copy of your telephone bill, specifically the page which shows your business telephone number and the address. You can also copy the phone book page with your business listing to satisfy this requirement.
  3. Make a copy of a pre-printed, voided business check.
  4. Using the checklist cover sheet included with the Membership Agreement, fax all the above documents to the Compliance Department at 877-720-8805.
  5. Once your signed Membership Agreement and supporting documentation is received, Advantage Credit will place a request with a licensed bureau approved vendor for an inspector to schedule a physical inspection for your office. Once your physical inspection is completed and passed, you will receive your Bureau Credential Certification from Advantage Credit and be eligible for activation. A physical inspection fee may apply.

Note: Advantage Credit is required to verify that all ordering customers are bona fide business entities. Before activating your account, you must substantiate permissible purpose with documentation to comply with federal FCRA regulations.

Upon review of your documents, and upon requirements of the FCRA, FACTA, FTC, and the credit bureaus, Advantage Credit reserves the right to request additional documentation before, during or after you have established service with Advantage Credit.

Remember: You need your borrower's approval on file to generate credit reports on their behalf. Please contact the Compliance department at 800-600-2510 Option 9 if you have questions regarding this requirement.

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