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Services that increase efficiency and boost profits

Useful services, whether "off the shelf" or developed specifically for your business, are a key reason why Advantage Credit grows faster than the industry. When our services can quickly solve problems like credit report errors, you naturally close more loans. Companies like yours have found that the right support or technology can greatly increase efficiency, production, communication and volume.

Accurate Credit rapid correction service: 3-10 days for score recalculations

When time is of the essence, help your borrowers quickly correct errors on credit reports at the repository level, allowing for a score recalculation in an average of 3-10 days.

Working with you, our experienced customer service group submits verified information to all three credit repositories for correction. Priced per bureau/per tradeline, you can make the corrections that are most likely to improve your borrower's score to close the loan. Not sure whether the correction will improve the score? Order a CreditXpert report or speak with one of our rescoring experts. While no correction can be guaranteed to raise a score, you'll get sound advice that has helped thousands of borrowers get the loan they desired.

Accurate Credit costs $30 per tradeline, per bureau. This "a la carte" pricing lets you pinpoint the tradelines and bureaus to correct without paying for corrections that are not needed. For example, to correct a Sears account tradeline at Equifax, Experian & TransUnion would cost a total of $90.

Click here for ordering requirements on the Accurate Credit service.

NEW! FACT Act score disclosure letter mailing services

Keep your paperwork processing easy and your compliance duties tightly controlled with our new score disclosure letter services. At your request, Advantage Credit will print & mail automatic score disclosure letters to your borrowers for signing to help you comply with FACT Act requirements.

This service costs $1 per borrower. Add this service to all your credit reports, or use it on a per-report basis.

Advantage Credit has also added a feature in Advantage Online that allows you to easily print score disclosure letters yourself for your borrowers.

Do it yourself or have us handle this task for you—either way, FACT Act score dislosure is now faster and easier because Advantage Credit is on your team.

For more information on requirements related to FACT, visit the Federal Trade Communications website pages using the link below:

Fair Credit Reporting Act and FACT Act Links

Contact us now for more information on Advantage Credit's score disclosure letter service.

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