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Build business fast with smart credit & loan origination products

Close more loans and build your business with Advantage Credit's wide variety of reports and services. Be sure to look at Advantage's credit report formats (you'll find links with the product descriptions or visit our Sample Reports page)—according to industry power hitters, Advantage Credit report formats are among the best in the business.

Online order & delivery system
Credit reports, correction services & scans


Fraud prevention products


Other settlement services

Business builders from Advantage Credit


All Advantage Credit report products are priced based on volume. Please contact us for a quote on any Advantage product.

Online Order & Delivery System

Advantage Online

Fast, reliable, easy. With Advantage Online, all your credit reporting tasks are more productive. Ordering, viewing, searching and printing, as well as sharing data with your favorite loan origination software, takes a few clicks.

Most brokers need no training whatsoever—perfect for small brokerages but also highly efficient for large financial institutions or branch networks. With a median delivery time of 15 seconds, you can speed through prequalifying and the entire application process like never before.

You'll also find more convenient tradeline updates and customer service request functions. Enjoy simple online account administration, including the ability to add and delete users yourself; set passwords and permissions, and limit individual users' access to various products and services. You can group all transactions associated with a borrower for easier billing, and even make payment in one step with your borrower's credit card.

Here are additional step savers you'll enjoy with Advantage Online:

  • See your recent reports immediately after logging in
  • One click to key data points—scores, tradelines, service requests & status
  • Order & print reports one at a time or in batches
  • Remove borrowers and/or bureaus with one click
  • Customize your report format to your preferences
  • Order service requests on multiple tradelines at once
  • Print invoices from your desktop
  • Use the same easy system to order flood certifications, AVMs, CreditXpert & other origination products

These are just a few of the time and trouble saving features of Advantage Online. Take a closer look now at our short system demonstration!

Supported loan origination software systems

Advantage Credit instantly interfaces with all major loan origination software systems in use today, as well as many smaller systems. In fact, Advantage Online can be used with any loan origination software program written in MBA86 or X12-compatible format to share and auto populate credit data fast. For more information, visit our Advantage Online Partners page.

ViewFast credit reports-- The most readable in the industry!


  • Tri-Merge credit reports: Three-bureau credit report with scores, delivered online in about 15 seconds. See a sample report.
  • Advantage Tri-Plus™: Credit specialists eliminate redundancies from three-bureau, three-score merged data for customer loans that don't require verification of employment or rent. Includes scores and two free service requests, and is delivered within one hour.
  • Bi-Merge credit reports: Two-bureau reports with scores.
  • Infile credit reports: One-bureau reports with score.
  • RMCR (Residential Mortgage Credit Report): Merged and deduplicated data verified by Advantage Credit; free service requests for 90 days.
  • Fannie Mae™ credit report: Advantage Credit is proud to provide SafeScan™ from Equifax on all Fannie Mae reports at no cost to you. SafeScan is designed to flag any misrepresentation directly on the credit report by cross checking Social Security numbers, addresses, and previously misused tradeline account numbers. All Advantage credit reports can be upgraded to Fannie Mae reports without reordering.
  • Freddie Mac™ credit reports
  • NEW! Assetwise™ credit reports: If you're set up to order Fannie Mae credit reports through Advantage Credit, you can start using Assetwise. Take any Advantage Tri-merge report and submit it to Assetwise by entering your Advantage Credit report number, or select Informative Research in Assetwise to receive your report. Access the report directly in Advantage online. Order an Advantage credit report first and have it reissued in Assetwise at no charge. For more information on Assetwise, click here.
  • Mortgage-Only credit report: Covers mortgage payment history, with or without score.

Spanish credit reports

Free Spanish credit reports with every order...view your credit reports in Spanish in one easy step and at no extra cost. Spanish credit reports from Advantage Credit are a fast, easy way to help tap into the growing Hispanic home-buying segment. With every credit report order placed through Advantage Online, a free Spanish translation is delivered with one click. Viewing & printing reports in or Spanish is just as easy as English. View a sample Spanish credit report, or view a screen shot of requesting Spanish translations.

Accurate Credit™ rapid correction service

Help your borrowers correct inaccuracies on their credit reports at the repository level, allowing for a score recalculation in an average of 3-10 business days. Working with you, our experienced customer service group submits verified information to all three credit repositories for correction. Priced per bureau per tradeline, you can make the corrections that are most likely to improve your borrower's score to close the loan. Not sure whether the correction will improve the score? Order a CreditXpert report or speak with one of our rescoring experts. While no correction can be guaranteed to raise a score, you'll get sound advice that has helped thousands of borrowers get the loan they desired.

The cost of the Accurate Credit service is $30 per tradeline, per bureau. This a la carte pricing lets you pinpoint the tradelines and bureaus to correct without paying for corrections that are not needed. For example, to correct a Sears account tradeline at Equifax, Experian & TransUnion would cost a total of $90.

Click here for ordering requirements on the Accurate Credit service.

Available from most countries. Turnaround times vary by country; please contact us for details.

Canadian & international credit reports

Advantage Credit provides a special form for ordering Canadian, international & business credit reports; click here to obtain these forms online.

Tax Return Verifications

Make sure your applicants earn what they say they earn with Tax Return Verifications. TRVs are the easiest, most relable way to verify income, and tax transcripts are ready for viewing in as little as 24 hours! Advantage Credit has partnered with Rapid Reporting, the largest income verification company int he U.S., to offer a system that reduces the typos & mistakes that cause the IRS to reject verification requests. Fast, easy & more accurate than doing it, you'll stop fraud more effecitvely in the early stages and reduce the chances of costly repurchase demands. 

Up to four years of income can be verified and Advantage's Tax Return Verification process is designed to meet all state & federal laws, as well as Internal Revenue Code. The borrower's approval is always needed on file to generate any type of report on their behalf.

Speed the underwriging process, cut down on fraud, improve accuracy and keep the quality of your loan pipeline as high as possible...Tax Return Verifications are another way Advantage Credit helps you close more loans.

SureCheck™ fraud scans

According to a web survey taken in August 2003, 23% of Advantage Credit customers have received an intentionally fraudulent loan application in the past. In an effort to combat fraud, Advantage Credit offers SureCheck, which flags possible misrepresentations on some or all of your reports regarding Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and reviously misused tradeline account numbers. See a sample SureCheck scan result.

OFAC scans

Advantage Credit automatically runs OFAC scans (Office of Foreign Asset Control) on every credit report at no extra charge. We are happy to help you comply with many lenders' policies on requiring this scan on the files they underwrite.

ScorMor™ Alternative Credit Report

ScorMor™ allows brokers and lenders to finally reach underserved markets that have many viable borrowers! The ScorMor™ Report is a non-traditional credit report containing a credit score for borrowers needing non-traditional credit information to qualify for a mortgage.


Advantage Credit has partnered with PRBC, the only credit repository to provide a non-traditional credit score for borrowers with thin credit files, to bring credit scores and reports to consumers that are responsible with monthly payments, such as rent and electricity but struggle to qualify for a mortgage.


How does this work?

First, the borrower enters his or her personal data and payment account details into PRBC's system at


PRBC then generates a Bill Payment Score (BPS) score based on the verified payment information. The BPS is reported in the ScorMor Report, giving that borrower or potential borrower an actual credit score.


Then, the borrower can authorize loan officers, brokers, credit companies and others to view his or her credit through an Advantage Credit ScorMor report.

How do I order a ScorMor Report?

First, have your borrower visit to enter his or her payment istory for monthly expenses like rent, utilities, insurance and more. The borrower must enter at least 3 types of expenses paid.


Then, call Advantage Credit to place an order for a ScorMor Report!



Contact Advantage Credit at (866) 568-3706 for more details!



Advantage Credit International's latest tool in its arsenal of fraud prevention products gives you a quick and effective way to verify Advantage Credit ViewFast™ credit scores and report order dates online securely and automatically with no phone calls or waiting. Click here to view how TruScore™ Works!  Or click here to access TruScore now!


Business Credit Reports on Advantage Online!

Business Credit Reports are now available through an easy link on Advantage Online and from Advantage! You will be taken to Experian's Business Report Center where you can order reports directly from Experian using a credit card. You don't even have to be a member of Advantage Credit to order the report.


Business reports deliver:


Sophisticated credit scores


Accurate information from objective sources (no self-reported information)


Extensive banking, trade and collection data


Standard and Poor's financial information on more than 10,000 public companies


Public record data including liens, judgments, business registrations, bankruptcies and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

It's so easy to order!  Access Experian's Business Report Center on Advantage Online or simply click here Now!


Other Mortgage Settlement Services

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Are you paying $300 or more for a traditional appraisal when you r lender would approve the use of our low-cost AVM instead? Save your money today. Used by many lenders in place of an appraisal for refinance loans, AVMs are an instant, low-cost method for determining a subject property's value.

Advantage has teamed with Basis100™, the most widely accepted provider of Automated Valuation Models in the industry, to provide online AVMs quickly & easily through Advantage Online. These value models are driven by a database containing nearly 40,000 separate indexes that cover approximately 80% of the homes in the United States. AVMs include expected value, approximate high, low and distress values, and all appropriate comparables.

See a sample AVM report.

Flood zone certifications

Use the easy Advantage Online system to order flood zone certifications. Choose from basic certification (good for five years), or life-of-loan certification.

Flood certifications determine if a mobile home or improved real estate secured by a loan is located in an area designated by the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as having special hazards. If special hazards exist, the lender may require the purchase of flood insurance as criteria for obtaining the loan. Furthermore, during the term of the loan if the improved real estate or mobile home securing the loan is, due to re-mapping by FEMA, located in an area that has been identified by the Director of FEMA as having special hazards, flood insurance, if available, must be purchased.

Customers can order and retrieve Flood Certifications via Advantage Credit's interface with National Flood Research's (NFR) Flashflood Online ordering website. This service eliminates the need to manually enter or retrieve flood certifications, saving time and money.

Each Flood Certification ordered contains all information necessary to be in compliance with all current applicable flood insurance guidelines. All information on the Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form is guaranteed by NFR.

Business Builders from Advantage Credit

Score Builder

Advantage Online's Score Builder™ gives you a no cost opportunity to see potential score improvements to your borrower's scores. Advantage Online's™ Score Builder shows you what the possible scores could be if certain actions are taken according to the CreditXpert™ scoring model. If no score appears on the report, Advantage Online's™ Score Builder tells you about ScorMor™, a tool for validating and scoring non-traditional credit! Click here to see an example of Score Builder on Advantage Online™

NEW! CreditXpert® Detective

CreditXpert® Detective saves time and money by putting expert knowledge and analytical intelligence at your fingertips! This new tool automates and simplifies the process of identifying inaccurate, outdated, or missing information that are routinely missed in a manual process. CreditXpert Detective scans a borrower’s credit report to reveal potential inaccuracies and recommend specific updates that will most significantly improve the borrower’s credit score. The report can also be revisited and new information can be imputed for up to 30 days after the original credit report was issued. It then automatically generates customized instructions and dispute letters. Borrowers can uncover their true credit scores by using the tool’s recommendations and guidance. CreditXpert Detective helps you serve as a trusted advisor, build stronger relationships, and turn more prospects into customers by helping your borrowers protect their credit through identifying and focusing on the updates that matter and translating expert knowledge into easy-to-use instructions. You save time, increase approval rates and close more loans when you let CreditXpert Detective work for you! It enables you to best serve your borrowers by checking every single credit report for any errors or omissions that may be holding down a borrower’s credit score. Click here to view a live demo!

NEW! CreditXpert® What-If Simulator

Now you can boost credit scores by testing credit-related actions and their effects on a borrower's score, like paying off or transferring balances, opening or closing new accounts or increasing existing account balances. Available for all three bureaus, this web-based tool allows hypothetically unlimited funds applied to every scenario so you can address any client's available cash, and you can test an unlimited number of actions until your projected score results are as high as possible.

The What-If Simulator also offers total convenience because it can be sent directly to borrowers to use & pay for themselves. Simply enter a borrower's email address while placing the credit report order or after, and Advantage sends easy use & payment instructions online on your behalf. You can also send the Simulator pre-paid depending on your preferences. Providing credit score consultation to your clients has never been easier! And the What-If Simulator helps ensure that as many clients as possible qualify for your loan packages.


See an online demonstration of the What-If Simulator, or contact us for more details about the What-If Simulator.

CreditXpert® score improvement tool: NEW Features!

CreditXpert is a valuable tool for any broker who wants to close more loans, or any consumer wishing to raise credit scores. CreditXpert identifies tradelines that are harming a borrower's score, and reports precise recommendations to improve the score. It also provides potential score effects for these recommendations. For a very low price, you and your borrower get an action plan that can be used immediately in many cases, as well as over time to improve the rates and terms possible for home purchases and refinancing. View a sample CreditXpert report.

New features in CreditXpert let you choose the dollar amount to apply towards score improvement. The results show you how much more score that dollar amount will "buy" through recommended account actions. OR, if available funds are higher, choose a targeted point increase and see how much money it will take to achieve it.

CreditXpert users can select one of the two options above with each order. If you don't get the desired results, you can add on a CreditXpert What-If Simulator to your order and test unlimited actions, dollar amounts or target score levels.

CreditXpert is the easiest, most cost-effective way to help your borrowers achieve the scores they need to get into the best loan possible. And it's the best way for you to keep business from walking out your door!

Free re-issued credit reports on StarQual™ alternative lending platform

When your borrowers don't qualify for conventional loans, re-submit their Advantage Credit credit report at no additional charge through SouthStar Funding's StarQual platform, and get available alternative lending programs back in minutes. SouthStar specializes in alternative loan types, including non-conforming, sub-prime, interest only and ALT-A plans. SouthStar Account Executives are available immediately after submitting key borrower and property details on the web-based system, and provide fast details and pre-qualification for your borrowers. Re-issuing existing credit reports saves money and also prevents score decreases from additional credit report requests.

Don't let your borrowers migrate to another broker while waiting for an alternative loan decision...try StarQual today and close more loans now. Click here for a brief self-running demonstration of the easy StarQual system now, or contact us for more information.

More information on Assetwise

Assetwise is a web-based system specializing in sub prime loans that automatically evaluates loan, borrower and property information against GMAC-RFC loan acquisition criteria, determines the best product available for the transaction, and provides the originator with a detailed list of conditions. Lenders and their brokers can access the system 24/7 and receive funding decisions in less than a minute in most cases.

Customers set up for Advantage Fannie Mae reports are automatically set up for Assetwise. You can take any Advantage Credit Tri-merge report and submit it into Assetwise by just entering your Advantage Credit report number, or you can select Informative Research in Assetwise to receive your report. Access your report directly in Advantage Online.

Save money with Advantage Credit reports through Assetwise

Assetwise charges a processing fee for every new loan approval request submitted, even if the loan approval is denied. By ordering an Advantage report first, you can determine if a borrower qualities for the Assetwise program before submitting for a loan approval request.

Advantage Tri-merge reports are generally less expensive than either Fannie Mae or Assetwise reports, and can be reissued in both their systems. Ordering an Advantage Tri-merge report first can save you money.

Contact us for more information about Assetwise, or become a customer now.

Visit Advantage Credit’s new Marketing Center, your one stop shop for leads, marketing materials and training!

Advantage Credit has partnered with Right Path Marketing to bring you a comprehensive resource center. Our new center offers end-to-end marketing tools including mortgage leads, direct mail pieces, yard signs , and many other valuable services. It’s like having your own online marketing department at your fingers, 24 hours a day!

In our center, you have access to extensive training materials from Bill Sparkman, The Mortgage Coach. We will be offering free tele-conference seminars with Bill throughout the end of the year so watch for details!

We are adding more products, services, and strategic partners to help you close more loans everyday!

Click here to visit our Marketing Center now!

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