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Advantage Credit: The leader in branch network credit reporting

Branch network brokerages turn to Advantage Credit more often to meet their credit and loan product needs. Serving many of the largest branch network operations in the U.S.—like Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation, Charter West Mortgage and Carteret—the Advantage Online™ system easily handles the complexities of distributed transactions over multiple branches. Yet it keeps centralized control and secure data management in the hands of senior administrators. With Advantage, you can offer your branches the independence they need to run their businesses effectively, while maintaining your desired level of corporate control for maximum efficiency and cost control.

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How Advantage Credit's Advantage Online works better for branch networks:

Administrator/branch structure

Advantage Online provides full account administration to designated personnel. The administrator, set up directly by Advantage Credit, can set all profile options for all users in the account, including adding & deleting users; ordering, viewing & printing rights; passwords and account logins; and report formatting preferences.

Advantage Online is extremely easy, so your brokers don't slow down their production through a training curve. In addition, administrators can require that loan officers or other users pay by credit card at the time of ordering and eliminate any additional invoicing.

Product ordering permissions

Branch networks with multiple levels of brokers & processors want to provide some independent ordering capability, but not carte blanche, especially when corporate headquarters pays vendors. Advantage Online allows administrators to simply point & click permission for the products that each user can order. The users screen only displays the product choices selected. Single or two-bureau reports, tri-merges, RMCRs, AVMs, CreditXpert score reports are all customizable by user. Set defaults so multiple users at the same level are automatically granted the same permissions.

Multi-level billing options

Advantage Online offers unprecedented flexibility in billing options. Credit card payments can be used at the time of ordering if desired so you never receive a bill for credit. You can even group all transactions associated with a borrower into a single charge and pay via credit card for easier reconciliation. Require each branch to pay their own invoices, or roll up some or all branches into a single corporate invoice. Track usage trends and better control credit-related expenses to stay more competitive. And for convenience in payments, you can receive your invoice online or through the mail. Pay your bill online through bank draft or credit card—whatever works best for you.

Advantage Online web demonstration & training

Advantage Credit has created a series of online training modules that walk new users through each step of the program. Training users can be accomplished in minutes, remotely and risk free, as administrators can provide ordering permissions as appropriate to each user. Roll out and train Advantage Online to hundreds of users concurrently for virtually instant usability. Of course, our Technical Support department is on-hand to answer questions from any user or to offer tips, shortcuts and additional assistance.

See a web demo of key Advantage Online features most helpful for branch networks.

For more information on net branch credit reporting solutions, contact us now.

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