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Custom solutions from a mortgage industry technology leader

Technology is a key determinant of your competitiveness. But many companies can't afford the tech budgets needed for powerful internal streamlining and customer benefits—budgets available to your larger peers.

Advantage has built its business automating processes that others overlooked. How about doubling your business without adding new employees? This is one real-world example of Advantage's expert technology solutions in action. Can you become more competitive with custom IT services? When you work with Advantage Credit, the answer is yes.

Expertise in mortgage & finance industry standards

Because Advantage incorporates powerful information technology into our own products, you can draw on valuable experience to discover and solve the obstacles that hamper the flow of critical information. Our staff has significant expertise in developing applications in MISMO, XML & .NET environments to ensure your solutions are integrated into the wider data structures of the mortgage and finance markets.

Whether automating your underwriting decisions, linking existing systems with new data structures or creating online customer care applications, Advantage can enhance the way you process mortgage loans, auto loans, consumer credit, personal or business loans, website technology or other business applications. Get higher loan volume, of greater quality, with greater customer satisfaction and retention—and build your bottom line by deploying Advantage Credit custom solutions.


Transaction fee model

Advantage offers a transaction fee model for IT development work, so you get your custom solution up and running fast without a high front-end investment. You'll save time, effort and money immediately, without waiting years to measure return on investment.

Regulatory expertise

Advantage is a highly desirable business partner for IT solutions. Being experts at mortgage credit reporting, our knowledge extends past IT into regulatory compliance issues. We can factor in RESPA, FCRA and other regulatory requirements into your systems to help meet the needs of your business and the agencies that regulate them.

E-commerce solutions

Advantage offers web application development, integrated payment modules, website hosting and other services that let you maintain your competitiveness with larger institutions. Our efficient staff & transaction fee model can bring new solutions to your customers quickly without high front-end development costs.

Integrating new and existing data structures

Advantage helps you keep your investment in existing data structures while bringing that data through online loan applications, customer service modules and other systems expected by today's consumers. From a single process to a full CRM solution, Advantage links the past with the future so you gain and retain your valuable customers. Make better decisions faster by mining critical information easily.

Custom interfaces to loan origination software systems

Using a custom or unusual loan origination software system? Advantage Credit can build a credit reporting interface to your system, bringing you all the benefits of the Advantage Online system with its many products and services.

Online payment systems linked to your website

Advantage can deliver systems that allow customers to make online payments—an expectation fully entrenched in today's market. Speed your payment cycles, provide more convenience to consumers and increase cash flow while enjoying better AR information reporting through these modules.

Online automation of operations and CRM processes

Services may be easily matched, but each company's internal efficiencies are not. To realize the greatest operational efficiencies, you need streamlined processes that save time, reduce costs and bring greater customer satisfaction. Advantage draws on years of experience in internal and external process refinement to help you deliver faster, richer service that customers will notice. Save repetitious wear & tear on employees by defining and automating process bottlenecks. Net results: realize higher operating margins quickly.

Customer care programs offered through your website

Offer the most comprehensive customer service possible by giving your customers the chance to solve their own service issues online. Through a series of FAQs, answers and point & click operations, your service personnel costs decrease, while satisfaction increases.

Custom decision modeling systems for automated underwriting

Mortgage loans, auto loans, consumer credit, personal or business loans, or any credit decision process will benefit from customized decision modeling systems built for you by Advantage. Make each decision more profitable and enjoy highly automated loan processing customized to your needs.

Contact us now for more information on any Advantage Credit custom service.

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