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Privacy Disclosure Statement

Respect for our customers' and consumers' privacy is very important to Advantage Credit International (ACI). The trust of our customers and consumers is our most valuable asset. This trust is built, in part, upon the proper handling of personal information.

Collecting Your Information

To conduct regular business, we may collect nonpublic personal information from sources such as:

  • Information provided by you on applications or other forms you provide to us
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others
  • Information we receive as part of a consumer report
  • Information we may receive from other sources
Sharing Your Information

ACI does not disclose nonpublic information about our customers, former customers, or consumers except as permitted or required by law.

Information Safeguarding

Advantage Credit Intl, Inc. takes many steps to ensure the integrity of its information systems. Access rules to consumer data are applied at both the application and data storage levels and there are stringent requirements for access to these resources. ACI will internally safeguard your nonpublic personal information by maintaining electronic and procedural safeguards that meet federal and/or state standards.

Our Internet Policy

ACI maintains strong e-business privacy standards. ACI takes consumer privacy very seriously. We utilize many information technology standards such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Public/Private Key Infrastructure encryption and authentication to keep consumer data secure during presentation. In the datacenter, ACI takes "advantage" of the power of Kerberos authentication and RSA and MDA encryption algorithms to ensure that client records are as secure as technology can keep them.

This Privacy Policy is provided on behalf of:

Advantage Credit International- Reseller of residential mortgage credit reports, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advantage Plaza, Inc.

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