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Preventing mortgage fraud

Fraud prevention products

Advantage Credit brings you a fraud prevention system that shields you from mortgage fraud NOW

Now lenders and brokers have a quick and effective way to detect the red flags of mortgage fraud with LoanShield™ and LoanShield Plus™, Advantage Credit 's newest instrument in its arsenal of fraud prevention products. This front-end decisioning system inspects loan files with a click of a mouse, preventing e quity skimming, identity theft, straw buying, property flips, broker fraud, appraiser fraud, employment misrepresentation, and more.

  • LoanShield™ produces alerts based on its findings and an at-a-glance Alert Summary Rating of the loan's risk
  • LoanShield™ lowers the risk of fraud related foreclosures and identifes early payment defaults
  • LoanShield Plus™ includes a full AMV report with multi variant models
  • LoanShield Plus™ offers detailed location maps, high and low estimates and all the supporting data needed
  • LoanShield Plus™ searches its historical database for previously generated alerts on the submitted borrowers and subject property
  • LoanShield Plus™ provides a Borrower Alert Summary, a Subject roperty Alert Summary and an Aggregate Alert Summary to help the users make timely decisions
  • Reports are returned in seconds
  • The system processes in batches or one at time 24 hours a day, in a real time environment
  • Compatible with MISMO and XML-based interfaces and reports are viewed as HTML, XML and PDF


LoanShield™ makes it simple and efficient to Shield yourself from mortgage fraud NOW. Click here to view more details or call us today at 800-600-2510 x2277.


SureCheck low-cost fraud scans

SureCheck is an inexpensive fraud scan that you can run on every credit report. It flags possible misrepresentations regarding Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and previously misused tradeline account numbers, and helps you to know when to require additional documentation.

SureCheck takes no additional time to run on your report orders. You can easily set your account profile to run SureCheck on every file. Note: SureCheck is automatically included on your Advantage Tri-Plus report orders.

Help prevent loan fraud for just pennies per report—use SureCheck regularly. Contact us for more information on SureCheck.

See a sample SureCheck scan result.




Advantage Credit International's latest tool in its arsenal of fraud prevention products gives you a quick and effective way to verify Advantage Credit ViewFast™ credit scores and report order dates online securely and automatically with no phone calls or waiting. Click here to view how TruScore™ Works! Or click here to access TruScore now!

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